Honduras Vacation Resorts, Restaurants and What to Do When You Get There!

Trujillo Bay is on the north coast of Honduras and is completely underrated even within Trujillo. The Bay area has the beaches, culture and weather for a fraction of the price of other locations.

Continuing my series on perfect Honduras vacation resorts, restaurants and attractions I’ve put together a list of the top 5 places to eat in the Trujillo area. I haven’t included either Santa Fe or Puerto Castilla and will be putting something else together for those areas. Enjoy!

5 great places to eat in the Trujillo area

  1. The Mystic at Banana Beach – Without any doubt the best places to eat within the Trujillo Bay area. Banana Beach resort has been open for around 2 years and, thanks to its German chef Juergen, has blown all other restaurant contenders out of the water. The Mystic has the look of a relaxed beach bar, but with luxury level amenities and service. I would recommend anything on the standard menu, but the seafood is especially good. Every couple of weeks Juergen puts on a special menu and for about $12-15 you can have amazing Caribbean / Italian / French Bistro cuisine. Not to be missed!
  2. The Buccaneer – A nice little bar in the centre of Trujillo with AC, the Buccaneer offers a pretty standard bar menu. I have heard good reports of the BBQ meat items but have not tried them myself. Avoid the nachos as they are pretty hit and miss. While the rest of the menu could be described as merely satisfying the linguini pasta dish is excellent. A nice place to sit and have a drink and chat with the lovely Claudia who runs the place.
  3. Casa Kiwi – The Kiwi burger is without doubt the best burger in Trujillo, they pile the ingredients on so high it looks like it might topple any second! The rest of the menu is so, so, but the conch seviche is worth a look as well. Surprisingly expensive for budget accommodation, the restaurant is part of the bar and has a fantastic, relaxed atmosphere. A walk along the beach after a meal is recommended as Casa Kiwi has one of the best views of the bay.
  4. Christopher Columbus – A high-end hotel next to Trujillo airport and very close central Trujillo, Christopher Columbus offers two very different dining experiences. Restaurant Isabella offers some very good pasta dishes and has great wine options. The Champa bar offers traditional bar food which is actually very good. You pay for the pleasure of eating at Christopher Columbus but I would definitely recommend The Champa for a snack and a beer.
  5. Rogue Galleria has a menu very similar to The Buccanner and is well-known for its burgers, although they do not reach Casa Kiwi standards! The food is pretty well priced and you can usually meet some interesting locals and gringos just by having a meal and a couple of drinks. Located on the beach road in town, Rogue Galleria has a great view of the bay, even if it is a more crowded view than either Banana Beach or Casa Kiwi.

So when you are booking your vacation give consideration to Honduras vacations resorts that are luxurious and affordable, restaurants that are friendly with great food, boat trips, beaches and a rain forest. The Trujillo Bay area offers you everything you could want from a Caribbean vacation.